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You wouldn't buy a home without an inspection. Why would an RV purchase be any different?

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Jay Martin Owner and NRVIA Certified Inspector

Our service includes a 165-point inspection which details up to 40 systems and components on an RV. Reports are highly detailed and delivered directly to our clients within 24 hours. This process ensures you’ll receive the highest quality RV inspection service available to assist in your buying or selling decision.

We Inspect All Makes, Types and Models of RV's

The RV Pro Elite

This is the Most Compressive RV Inspection in the Industry!
  • 165 Point of Inspection
  • 70+ pg. Detailed Report
  • 50-80 Photos Included
  • 360 Degree Virtual Tours of both Chassis and Interiors
  • Detailed Report Delivered within 24 hours
  • Create a Request List for Dealer or Seller from within any report.
  • 100 Miles Travel Included


Initial Phone Consultation

Like a home inspection, an RV inspection will give you peace of mind that you'll make an informed buying decision in today's competitive new and used RV market. During our initial consult, we'll go over the details of your unit, what services may be best for your situation, and address any concerns you may have to make the whole process worry-free.

We Inspect the RV

Because our reports are the most comprehensive in the industry, we'll spend up to eight hours on-site with the unit reporting on over 40 systems and components of an RV. We operate and document all RV systems during our 165-point inspection. We serve both local and out-of-state clients.

Items We Inspect

  • Life Safety Equipment
  • Weight Labels and Data Plates
  • Roof
  • Sidewall and Endcaps
  • Tire Brand, Size, Condition, Load Capacity, Load Range & DOT date
  • Slideout Rooms
  • Awnings
  • Slideout Toppers
  • Leveling Systems
  • Running Gear
  • Chassis Turn Signal and Running Lights (12 Volt DC)
  • 120 Volt AC Electrical System 
  • Generator – Engine and Radiator (if equipped)
  • Inverter (if installed)
  • Coach Battery System (12 Volt DC deep cycle Battery Electrical System)
  • Fresh Water System
  • Water Heater
  • Waste Water Systems (grey and black water)
  • LP Gas Systems
  • ASME or DOT Propane Tank (if equipped)
  • Perform Propane Leak Test
  • Furnace
  • Refrigerator
  • Cooktop/Stove
  • Air Conditioner(s)
  • Washer/Dryer (if equipped)
  • Microwave/Convection Oven
  • Dishwasher (if installed)
  • In-House Vacuum System (if installed)
  • Electric Fireplace (if equipped)
  • Cooktop Exhaust Fan
  • Ceiling Mounted Fans and Ceiling Exhaust Vents
  • Interior Conditions and Appearance
  • Cabinets and Closet Condition
  • Shower/Tub
  • Electronics
  • Patio components (if equipped)
  • Steps and Grab Handles 
  • Unit Chassis and Axels
  • Steering Components (if equipped)

You Receive THE report

Our comprehensive inspection reports are delivered via email in PDF and HTML formats within 24 hours* of the inspection. Then from within the report, you'll be able to generate a "request list" for your seller or RV dealer to address with the unit prior to taking possession of the unit. Follow-up phone consultations as needed.

* Fluids samples take 3-6 business days to analyze from the time of sampling.

Add-On Services

Fluids Analysis

Don’t inherit someone else’s headache.

Fluid analysis reports from NRVIA certified inspectors show you the condition inside the components (engine, transmission, generator, and cooling system) on the RV you’re purchasing. All fluid samples receive ISO Certified laboratory testing, which provides detailed reports indicating whether the fluids are suitable or the equipment is in proper operating order.

View Sample Report Here


General maintenance is vital to keeping your RV safe and properly operating as your home on wheels. We offer a range of services to keep your RV in top shape for your next travel adventure.

Services include:

  • Motor home and tow vehicle in-depth fluid analysis
  • AC cleaning, testing, and maintenance
  • Water heater cleaning and maintenance
  • Winterizing service
  • RV safety Inspections
  • Insurance and Lender Inspections
  • FEMA and other Federal Agencies Inspections 

One on One Training

Getting started in the RV lifestyle or upgrading your RV to a different type and style is often overwhelming. You'll find a lot of information online, but the information may not suit your specific needs or be from a qualified source.

Whether you are a new RV owner, a weekend warrior, or a harden full-timer, it's RV Pro Solutions' mission to see you're prepared for your journey ahead!​ We can help give you the confidence you desire to safely hit the road with a one-on-one training session.

360 Imaging Service and Virtual Tours Available ​

Are you buying or selling an RV? The demand for RVs is exceptionally high right now, and a virtual tour will help your listing stand out from the crowd. A 360-degree virtual tour allows viewers to explore a unit independently from anywhere with internet access.

Dealer and broker pricing are available.

Virtual tours include up to six interior 360 photos and eight high-resolution exterior standard photos. 360 Chassis Photos are available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our most frequent questions and answers.

Private party RV sales account for more than 1/2 of the 600,000 RVs sold annually!

There are many reasons why people sell their RVs. Lifestyle changes, financial issues, and upgrading/downgrading are some of the more common causes. Like a home inspection, an RV inspection will give you peace of mind that you’ll make an informed buying decision in today’s competitive used RV market.

New RV inspections are just as necessary as used RV inspections. The demand for new RVs and labor shortages have placed tremendous pressure on manufacturers to deliver units to customers. An independent and unbiased 3rd party assessment of the operating condition of a new or used RV you are planning to purchase is highly beneficial. Even if everything is in good working condition, the report will confirm that.

Most importantly, if components are not working, the report lets you, the buyer, know the actual state of the RV before you take possession, possibly reducing the time your RV spends getting warranty work done.

For us to perform a quality RV inspection, you must ensure access to the RV and provide full hook-up services, which includes the following items:

  • Running water
  • Appropriate electrical service (20, 30, 50 AMP)
  • A stable, dry, and level parking area
  • Keys to all inspection areas, including engine if it is a motorized vehicle
  • Sewage hook-up if possible. Some items may not be inspected otherwise
  • Remotes with batteries for onboard entertainment equipment
  • The refrigerator should be running at least 12 hours before inspection if possible.
  • If fluid samples are ordered, please run the vehicle’s engine at least 30 minutes the day before the inspection for circulation purposes. 

I would never ask a client to “not” be present at an inspection because you have a vested interest in the vehicle. However, the inspection process is very tedious, in-depth, and typically takes around 4-8 hours to complete. With that in mind, minimizing interruptions will ensure and enhance the quality of the inspection you expect us to perform.

You (the client) will be the only person that will receive a completed inspection report. RV Pro Solutions will not reveal the results of an inspection verbally to any other party without expressed consent from you. Additionally, we will not disclose any inspection findings, test results, or client information without the clients’ approval. However, we are obligated to disclose observed hazards that will impact the occupant’s immediate safety and well-being if uncovered during an inspection. 

The inspection report will be delivered via email in Adobe Acrobat (PDF format) within 24 hours of the inspection.

Yes, in addition to our NRVIA Certified Inspections we perform a variety of inspection services to include:

  • Unit Pre Delivery Inspection
  • Life Safety and Department of Transportation (DOT) Equipment Inspection
  • Insurance Inspections
  • Lender and Valuation Inspections
  • FEMA and Disaster Relief Agency Inspections
  • Verification of Work

Call for a quote today!

*We do not perform state required DMV vehicle inspections

The RV Pro Elite is an NRVIA Certified inspection consisting of a 70+ page report that includes 165 points of inspection on over 40 systems within the RV. This report will include 50 to 80 photos describing the items that have been identified, tested, and evaluated during the detailed inspection process.

NRVIA Certified Inspections typically start at $499.  There are hundreds of new and used makes and models of RVs in today’s market. As such, final pricing is determined based on the unit’s type, size, age, length, and location.  We can easily generate a quote over the phone.  Click here for a free consultation.  

Don’t inherit someone else’s headache. Fluid analysis reports from NRVIA certified inspectors show you the condition inside the components (engine, transmission, generator, and cooling system) on the RV you’re purchasing. All fluid samples receive industry certified laboratory testing, which provides detailed reports indicating whether the fluids are suitable or the equipment is in proper operating order. 

Fluid analysis reports are delivered 3-6 days from sampling. If time and access to the unit permit – fluid samples can be pulled before the actual inspection to ensure they’re available when the report is complete.

Fluid Analysis Pricing:

1 Fluid Analysis = $95 for the first sample and $85 for each additional sample.

View Sample Report Here

SPECIAL! 4 fluids of your choice analyzed for $320!

Typical Fluids Analyzed:

  • RV Motor Oil
  • RV Coolant
  • RV Transmission
  • RV Generator Oil
  • RV Coolant (if equipped)
  • Aqua-Hot / Oasis Fluids (if equipped)
  • Tow vehicles can be tested as well! 

While I’m a registered RV technician with the RVTAA, we primarily perform routine maintenance and safety repair work outside the inspection process. The NRVIA code of ethics does not allow me to perform “repairs” on any RV I’ve inspected for one year from the inspection date.  This measure ensures NRVIA inspectors remain impartial 3rd parties for services we provide regarding your RV buying decision.

I DO perform routine maintenance services to help keep your RV working as intended. The fees and some example services are listed below.  

To secure an appointment within our service area, we charge a $125 service call fee plus $110 per hour —a minimum of one hour required.  

Example of standard work times:

  • A/C maintenance/cleaning – 1.5 hr each
  • Water heater maintenance & tank cleaning – 1.5-2 hrs + parts
  • Winterizing/de-winterizing unit – 1-2 hrs

We proudly serve the Western Carolinas and Eastern Tennessee. 

You can always view our current service area via my NRVIA locator or email us to inquire about appointment availability in your area. We include 50 miles of travel from our current location and charge 0.84 cents extra per mile up to 100 additional miles. Longer travel distances are available and can be negotiated.   


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